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What does Badonkadonk mean?

Badonkadonk refers to a popular slang expression, describing the bubbliest of bubble butts, the thiccest of dummy thicc, a pair of big buttox.


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What's the origin of Badonkadonk?

While the exact origin of the expression is not known, “badonkadonk” started appearing on the internet in 2002, with a couple of Urban Dictionary entries pioneering its spread in 2003.

It would experience moderate growth on the web in the following years, appearing scarcely on various sites, in discussions related to glutei.

Spread and Usage

How did Badonkadonk spread?

The true breakthrough for the term happened on October 3rd, 2005, when Trace Adkins released his single “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”.

The country song grew to be popular both in the United States and worldwide, spawning remixes, as well as features in shows such as The X-Files.

With the rising fashion of a shapely, large rear, in the 2010’s, a guide was uploaded to wikiHow with the title “How to Get a Badonkadonk”.

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