Head Up Ass

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What does Head Up Ass mean?

To have one’s head up in his ass is an expression for calling someone totally oblivious and detached from his surroundings.

It is likening the defense mechanism of the person to that of the ostrich, but takes it one step further and places the subject’s head into his very own derriere.

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What's the origin of Head Up Ass?

The expression “head up ass” originates from the 1970’s, though there is no determined point or document, where it was first noted.

The phrase leans back to the well-known image from cartoons; an ostrich, startled by its surroundings decides to sink its head into the sand, in order to attempt to detach itself from the troubles around – with no real success.

A person, whose “head is up his ass” is acting in a similar way; hiding in his own bubble, created by his psyche but never really providing any protection from hindrances.

Spread and Usage

How did Head Up Ass spread?

The phrase had gotten a large amount of attention and recognition, as it is very relatable and easy to interpret.

This had led to the common use of it and today we may encounter it in all the various situations, from movies to videogames to even articles and novels.

Urban Dictionary’s one and only article on “head up your ass” was uploaded in 2006.

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