What does Gottem mean?

Gottem is a way of spelling the phrase one says, when successfully tricking someone else, or roasts them without any anticipation.

It may be written “got ‘em,” “gotem,” and “gottem” all basically signifying the same meaning.


What's the origin of Gottem?

 The expression “got them” probably comes from the medieval era, when it was used to signify the capture of someone or something, possibly in a battle, chase or hunt.

Since then the meaning had turned into a more figurative “catching”; the gaining and abuse of someone’s trust.

Gottem was being used online since at least 2004, but it was the “deez nuts” guy, who made it truly popular, with his flawless dental structure and the excellent prank he pulled off on the phone.

The video featuring him was first uploaded to Instagram in 2015, and had spread far and wide, resulting in the bigger recognition and utilization of the phrase “gottem”.

Spread & Usage

How did Gottem spread?

Since 2015, gottem had turned into the final word of every prank, though it was broadly contested by the phrase “it’s just a prank, bro”.

Today, gottem is an expression similar to “amen” in Christianity.

It marks the end of a miraculous, sacred process; a prank.

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