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What does Gobshite mean?

Gobshite is an Irish-English expression for a loudmouth character that is bragging and yapping on about things he or she has no true knowledge of, or presents things as facts, unsupported by evidence whatsoever.

Formerly, the term was considered taboo and extremely uncourteous to be utilized around any group of sophistication, however nowadays it is far more widely applied.

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What's the origin of Gobshite?

The term is a combination of the words gob and shite.

Gob is a word that may either refer to a lump of something, in this specific case a lump of excrement, however gob may also be used as a word for mouth, originating from the word gobble.

Shite is a modified form of the word shit, referring to excrement.

“Gobshite” was first documented in the 1910’s, attributed to Irish sailors, who used it to refer to loudmouths; people who bragged on nonsensically about anything and everything.

Spread and Usage

How did Gobshite spread?

The expression caught on and spread outside of Ireland, due to the fact that the Irish sailors retained a large amount of mobility within the territories of the British Commonwealth.

The huge number of Irish immigrants in the United States also contributed to the spread of the term, leading to the recognition of the expression in America.

Urban Dictionary’s first entry on the subject was uploaded in 2002.

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