Get a Load of This Guy

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What does Get a Load of This Guy mean?

Get a load of this guy is an idiomatic expression used for pointing out the wits of someone after a humorous remark, or making fun of them after attempting to be droll.

Online, the phrase is usually combined with some sort of reaction image, depicting someone who is pointing while talking.

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What's the origin of Get a Load of This Guy?

“Get a load of this guy” has been around as a slang phrase since the 1920’s, although its popularity started taking off with the approach of the new millennium.

The image macro that is the most popularly used with the phrase originates from the 1992 comedy, Wayne’s World, where the protagonist looks at the camera while articulating the words “get a load of this guy”.

The expression was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2007.

Spread and Usage

How did Get a Load of This Guy spread?

Following 2010, the meme would appear on sites like 4chan and Reddit, paired with iconic pop culture references, usually characters of classic movies or series.

“Get a load of this guy” is a well-liked hashtag on Tumblr up to this date, as of March 31st, 2021.

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