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What does Geed mean?

A geed is a person who does not feel the pressure of conformity to societal rules or expectations of the majority.

He or she dares to have their own style and do their own thing, and won’t follow the “greek system”, a lifestyle often led in American higher education.

People who follow the “greek style” will often wear similar clothes, follow specific norms and do the same activities as one another. And these people will use the word “geed” as a derogatory term towards people who doesn’t bend to these systems.

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What's the origin of Geed?

The “greek system” is based on the fraternity/sorority culture in American high schools and universities, where the majority of the students belong to one. Girls go to sororities and boys go to fraternities.

The names of these organisations are often made up of greek letters, such as “Phi Beta Kappa”, hence, the people that belong to them follow the “greek” style.

The word “geed” is derived from “GDI”, short for “god damn independents” – independent of the greek system.

Spread and Usage

How did Geed spread?

The term is usually derogatory and is used as an insult from people who adhere to the greek system, to those who don’t.

It is usually thrown at “outsiders” from frats or sorority-girls.

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YEEZUS posted on 8-26-2021:

Lol, this definition was definitely written by a geed 🥱😹😹😹👎

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