Fuck a duck

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What does Fuck a duck mean?

Fuck a duck is a common cuss phrase which conveys anger, disappointment or even in some instances surprise.

The term implies a sense of frustration when something minor goes wrong.

Given this information, “Fuck a duck” is mainly used jokingly, to express dissatisfaction with a certain situation and/or person.

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What's the origin of Fuck a duck?

The first appearance in print of this term was in Henry Miller’s novel, the Tropic of Cancer. It inspired entire phrases, such as ‘Fuck a duck and give it a buck’ or ‘Fuck a duck and see what hatches’.

You might even hear the phrase ‘I’ll fuck a dead duck’ which expresses the full extent of the surprise.

Linguistic experts believe that the phrase came from the word duckfucker, the person on board who was taking care of domestic animals.

This phrase entered America, and the world of stoner slangs and, it’s now used for annoying idiots.

Spread and Usage

How did Fuck a duck spread?

We couldn’t tell exactly where the term came from, or when did it get popular.

But we can be sure that it became well liked, probably because people from a very young age learn to rhyme to associate things with other things more easily.

But these days ”Fuck a duck” got more and more popular on different platforms, such as Reddit, Youtube or Urban Dictionary, where the first definition was written in 2004.

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