Do you fuck with the war?

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What does Do you fuck with the war? mean?

When an artist creates art, they have their own meaning to it, hence without a proper explanation of the phrase from Lil Dicky the American rapper who holds the first recorded use of it, there can only be speculations of its intended meaning.

Most people on the internet think it might mean: “Do you agree with the war?” based on the context of the video clip it is used in.

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What's the origin of Do you fuck with the war??

The phrase was introduced to the internet, by the American rapper called Lil Dicky in his track “Pillow Talking” that was uploaded to the video sharing website called YouTube in 2017.

It is highly likely that the use of the phrase predates the upload of the video clip as it has a very similar style to other phrases used in “Hood Slang”.

The track and fandom have spawned multiple entries on messaging boards, where people are all trying to figure out the actual meaning of the phrase.

Spread and Usage

How did Do you fuck with the war? spread?

The phrase is not well known or used on the internet despite the video clip it is mentioned in having more than 35 million views as of the end of 2019.

More popular in the USA where the creator of the song “Pillow Talk” was born and his fanbase resides.

Mostly used on the internet by smaller Reddit threads and discussions of its meaning.

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