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What does Dap me up mean?

Dap me up is a request for someone to “dap” you.

A “dap” is often associated with fist bumping between two people as a form of greeting or to show companionship.

However, a “dap” can be any simple or detailed gesture performed with the hands and/or arms between two people, such as a clap, bump, slap, pull, and so on.

Good friends have their own way of dapping each other, and it becomes a habit for them whenever they meet.

If for some reason your mate forgets to dap you in an appropriate dapping situation, you tell them to “dap me up!”.

And then lord said unto them “dap me up bro”

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What's the origin of Dap me up?

“Dapping” originates from African American communities in the 1970’s.

It stems from gestures soldiers in the Black Power movement used to share during the Vietnam War.

The etymology of the word is uncertain, but it can be the similarity of “tap”, or, as some suggest, an acronym for “pride and dignity”.

Spread and Usage

How did Dap me up spread?

Dapping is still very prevalent in African American communities, but has also been adopted by white people, particularly boys and young men.

In national level basketball, the players – normally of African American origin – are often seen dapping as a pregame ritual.

Dapping can be done by anyone as a positive, non-verbal communication between peers.

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