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What does Cuckcake mean?

A cuckcake is the nickname for the side-chick or the affair of a man who is in a relationship.

Cuckcake is normally used about the woman who the man is cheating with. The male equivalent is called the “bull”.

It is often associated with the cuckquean, who is the woman the man is in a relationship with, usually a wife or a girlfriend, but in some BDSM relationship, just the submissive part that gains pleasure from being humiliated.

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What's the origin of Cuckcake?

Cuckcake is derived from “cupcake” which is a sweet dessert. It is an analogy where the wife or girlfriend is the “main dish” or “dinner”, and the “side dish” or “dessert” is the cuckcake.

The meaning of cuck relates to an unfaithful relationship, for example, a cuckold is a male that is being cheated on, a cuckquean is a woman being cheated on, and in this case, the cuckcake is the woman who is being cheated with.

Spread and Usage

How did Cuckcake spread?

While some cuckqueans are unaware of their position, and hence unaware of the Cuckcake, in many relationships it is agreed upon, and the cuckquean even knows the Cuckcake personally.

In BDSM situations, the cuckquean is in the room with the cheating man and the Cuckcake during the affair, watching them, for ultimate humiliation.

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