What does Chingona mean?

A Chingona is a woman who is clever, fearless and strong.

She’s the cool chick who will arrive on a motorcycle, all leather jacket and sunglasses style, and she is not afraid to speak her mind.

And she will be heard!

The official meaning of the term is “badass”, but it is often used as “cool”, “amazing”, “fantastic” etc.

It is used in informal speech, and some may even consider it vulgar. Therefore, it is not something you call your grandma or respected teacher unless you know them well enough to know it’s okay first!

For most women, however, it is considered a compliment.


What's the origin of Chingona?

“Chingona”, and the male version “chingón” both stem from the spanish profanity “chingar”.

Chingar has multiple meanings, including “bad” or “awful” or “to fight”.

Hence, “chingón” and “chingona” is a “fighter”, a person not to be messed with.

Spread & Usage

How did Chingona spread?

The investor chain Chingona Ventures is lead by women and chose its name by the definition “fearless” and “intelligent”.

Another business that viewed the term positive enough to use it as business name is La Chingona cannabis company in Los Angeles, California.

Besides being a popular business name, it is an admiring, half-vulgar term you call a badass woman.

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