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What does Bumblefuck mean?

Bumblefuck is an expression, most often applied with cardinal directions, like North, South, West and East.

Equally to the phrase “the middle of fucking nowhere” the term is used to refer to a very secluded place.

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What's the origin of Bumblefuck?

“Bumblefuck” had developed from the slang expression bumfuck, Egypt, first documented in 1972.

Bumfuck as an expression for a remote area comes from the fact, that very secluded spots often lack women, resulting in men embracing the holes provided by each other to channel their sexual energies.

The initial phrase had several derivatives, ranging from the abbreviation BFE, to “bumblefuck”, bubblefuck and buttfuck.

The first documented use of the term in the title appeared in 1989.

Spread and Usage

How did Bumblefuck spread?

The humor and within this expression had led to it spreading rapidly, after its conception.

The first entry on Urban Dictionary was written in 2002 and several other people had attempted at describing the meaning behind the phrase.

An another form of “bumblefuck” was also created in 2002; butt fucking nowhere or abbreviated BFN is also encountered, when asking the ominous question; ‘Where the fuck are we?’

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