Brian Peppers

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What does Brian Peppers mean?

Brian Peppers: Meaning, Origin and Spread

Brian Peppers is a real person whose photograph was turned into a meme in 2005.

The reason he was turned into a meme is because it is nearly impossible to believe that the photo is of a real person, as his facial features are extremely malformed, assumably because of Apert or Crouzon Syndrome.

“Brian Peppers” is a sex offender in the state of Ohio, and the photo was obtained from the Ohio Electronic sex offender Registry.

Because of his abnormal demeanor, the photo was initially assumed to be fake, before it was confirmed authentic by Ohio authorities.

The photo has since been used as a shitposting meme, often with a caption, or catchphrase “You gon get raped”.

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What's the origin of Brian Peppers?

It is unclear where the very first meme was posted, but the earliest known instance was on a 1UP forum board by member PaulGonza in 2005.

Someone else uploaded his image as their own on dating application Hot or Not around the same time.

When “Brian Peppers” became a fad, many believed that he was a serial rapist or child molester, but in fact he lives in a nursing home and is wheelchair bound, and the sexual offence he committed was groping a nurse, leading to his photo on the sex offender registry.

Spread and Usage

How did Brian Peppers spread?

“Brian Peppers” became a successful fad, and had his very own ytmnd forum named “Brian No!”, created by shadow22.

The internet flourished with “Brian Peppers” fad pages in the first few years after his photograph went viral, and there even exists a “WE LOVE SEX OFFENDER BRIAN PEPPERS” community on LiveJournal.

However, after the truth about his offence and his unfortunate life story, many felt bad for him and removed their pages.

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