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What does Bop mean?

Bop is a slang expression, originating from the jazz golden age in America used as a synonym for dancing or otherwise nodding with your head on the rhythm.

“Bop” may also be interpreted as a light blow with a fist or an object, as well as in the latest contexts fellatio, seeing as how the person giving the blowjob is “bopping” their head.

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What's the origin of Bop?

The term derived from the name of the genre bebop in the 1930’s or 1940’s and with the spread of jazz culture and the ever growing popularity of the music it had spread far and wide, from the United States to Great Britain and beyond.

The word “bop” initially served as a slang term for the genre, but it quickly got associated with dancing on the music.

Spread and Usage

How did Bop spread?

“Bop” later started to see use in an onomatopoetic way, imitating the sound of a blow, thus it got associated with hitting things as well.

The most recent development in the meaning of the term “bop” is the fellatio interpretation, that comes from the association of “blow” and “blowjob”.

Many users wrote about the subject and uploaded their articles to Urban Dictionary.

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