Boo boo kitty fuck

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What does Boo boo kitty fuck mean?

To some it may come as a surprise, but Boo boo kitty fuck is a term of endearment.

This is what you call a woman you care for, who is funny, pretty and cute. It is synonymous to everything good in the world.

“Boo boo kitty fuck” is a special girl, and by calling her this, you are letting her know exactly how much she means to you.

The expression is used by a person who cannot compliment another person in a non-rude way, no matter what. Therefore, this is the least rude, rude way to let someone know you love them.

Boo-Boo Kitty Fuck?

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What's the origin of Boo boo kitty fuck?

“Boo boo kitty fuck” was mentioned in the 2001 Askewniverse film “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”. The conversation goes as follows:

Jay: “What’s twistin’ this bitches tit?”

Justice: “Maybe it’s because girls don’t like to be called bitches, Jay.”

Jay: “They don’t? How ’bout “fine piece of ass”?”

Justice: “How about not.”

Jay:” Then what the fuck am I supposed to call you?”

Justice: “Something sweet, ya big goof. Something nice.”

Jay: “boo-boo kitty fuck?”

Justice: “That’s… a start.”

Spread and Usage

How did Boo boo kitty fuck spread?

In 2017, a meme was uploaded to ME.ME with the title “When Boys Give You Cute Nicknames”. The first part of the meme shows the title placed on a typical inspirational background, followed by the next window, a crop from “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, where “Jay” mentions the expression for the first time.

In the still-running TV-Series Letterkenny, character “Dierks” repeatedly mentions “boo boo kitty fuck” when he addresses a group of people.

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