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What does Weeb mean?

Weeb, short for “weeaboo” is a made up word, from 4chan, used to describe people obsessed with Japanese culture to a point, that they are biased to it, over their own culture as well.

These people are similar to “otakus”, in a sense that they are both obsessed with hobbies, such as anime, manga or cosplaying.

Weebs often insert Japanese words into English sentences, as well as collect trivia related to Japanese culture.

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What's the origin of Weeb?

The word “weeaboo” was made in 2005 on 4chan, as an insult to the then known “Wapanese” or wannabe Japanese, people who were often praising Japanese culture to a point of overdoing it.

The abbreviation, weeb was first used somewhere in 2010. It had spread from 4chan to twitter and the urban dictionary.

Spread and Usage

How did Weeb spread?

The words weeb and weeaboo are used as an insult on only 4chan, on every other site they are used to describe people obsessed with Japanese culture, with no judgment.

In 2014 youtuber, Filthy Frank released a video, where he heavily criticized weeaboos and performed a song at the end. Weeb is still a very popular insult on 4chan, becoming a constant theme of the site.

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