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What does Ryona mean?

“Ryona” is a blend of the Japanese words “ryōki” and “onanī”, meaning “seeking the bizarre” and “masturbation”, respectively.

Hence, the meaning of the word “Ryona” is: masturbating to bizarre things.

More specifically, Ryona refers to a type of fiction and kink where a woman is abused, beaten up, and/or killed by a dominant male.

The victim is always female, and the part doing the abuse is normally male, however some female-female versions is also seen.

It is a sub-genre to rape adult entertainment, sexual sadism and gore, with particular focus on women as victims.


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What's the origin of Ryona?

The genre has a sexual nature, together with sadism and gore, and was evolved to please men with dominance issues regarding women.

Abuse of women was found in multiple entertainment sources, and slowly became a genre on its own.

Spread and Usage

How did Ryona spread?

The concept is mostly found in video games, but is also often seen in anime, TV-series, comics and movies.

Ryona texts and short-stories can be found, written by fans. These are often shared in the subreddit dedicated to this topic, including videos and pictures – hopefully fake – of abuse.

A very particular group of people enjoy this type of entertainment, that for most is seen as morbid and gut-wrenching.

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