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What does Kamata-Kun mean?

Kamata-kun refers to a popular nickname given to the character Godzilla in the 2016 movie titled Shin Godzilla.

The film featured multiple forms of the giant reptile; each being called by a different name by fans of the film.

“Kamata-Kun” is the second form of Godzilla, while its third one is called Shinagawa-Kun and the fourth being Shin Godzilla.

“Kamata-Kun” became popular among fans due to its S-Cute and Derpy looks.

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What's the origin of Kamata-Kun?

Shin Godzilla premiered in the United States on October 3rd, 2016.

“Kamata-Kun” refers to the second form of the titular monstrosity, named after the neighborhood, it first landed in.

This labeling method was first used on Twitter by @pasinpasin posted on July 29th, 2016, naming the various forms of Godzilla according to their landing points, supplemented with the honorific title Kun, similar to Truck-Kun.

Spread and Usage

How did Kamata-Kun spread?

The growing popularity of the Shin Godzilla movie in 2016 led to many viewers being acquainted with the beast.

“Kamata-Kun” also became the name of choice among Japanese fans to refer to Godzilla’s second form.

It rapidly emerged as a popular hashtag on Twitter.

Illustration sites and communities like Pixiv or Nico Nico Seiga have also adopted the name.

“Kamata-Kun” also grew significantly in its popularity in America, where the hashtag also grew rampant, along with various artistic renditions of the monster on sites like DeviantArt.

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