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In 1950 we would not have been needed. Things have looked different since the Internet came into existence. Slang words race at the speed of light through Reddit, Twitch, 4chan, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and 5 billion blogs.

SlangLang is there for you to know and keep track of what is meant by which slang word. We have put some of them into the following categories:

  • Slang words from Anime & Mangas
  • We also have a little bit of drug slang on offer
  • Of course, all the words that shape internet culture
  • We not only support the LGBTQ community, we also explain it
  • Pop culture, on the other hand, contains all slang words from film, TV & Netflix
  • And because fears and psychological problems are a “favorite” topic of the Internet, we have a section for this too

PS: SlangLang is also there for parents who want to understand their children again. Have fun browsing!

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