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What does Skoliosexual mean?

Skoliosexual: Meaning, Origin and Spread

A person who is skoliosexual is attracted to non-binary and/or transgender people.

Non-binary people doesn’t fit into societal male/female gender roles, and neither heterosexual and homosexual relationships. They simply don’t perceive genders the same way as binary people do.

While in binary homosexual relationships you may find a “butch” and a “femme”, in non-binary relationships there is no set masculine or feminine roles.

The “skoliosexual” person is attracted to how the person identifies themselves, with no regard to their genitalia, and as long as they don’t identify as exclusively female or male.

“Skoliosexuals” and their partners will often dress and behave outside of gender norms.

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Origin of the term

“Skoliosexual” is a rather new term within the LGBTQ community, popping up as late as 2010.

The term was coined by DeviantArt user Nelde, and the prefix “skolio-” stems from Greek language and means “bent” or “curved”.

Some prefer the term “ceterosexual”, as in “et cetera”, because calling yourself “bent” may imply that something is wrong with you.

Spread of the term

The term and concept of “skoliosexual” is somewhat controversial, as certain LGBTQ members disagree with assigning particular sexualities as to whether someone is cis or trans.

It can be compared to the negatively viewed “chasers”, who only chase trans people because of a dehumanizing kink, and not because of the attraction to the gender they have transitioned into.

The term is mainly used on Reddit and Tumblr, as well as other LGBTQ friendly social platforms.


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