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What does the meme Shrigga mean?

Shrigga may have multiple meanings, one derived from another.

Initially, the expression was used as a portmanteau of the words “short” and “nigga.”

This kind of use is highly offensive and one should avoid referring to a black man of short stature as a “shrigga.”

The other, more popular meaning of “shrigga” is a black Shrek, present in memes and other online content.

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Origin of the meme

Interest in “shrigga” was rather low even in the mid-2010’s, as it was an offensive portmanteau for tiny black people.

The first mention of the term on Urban Dictionary comes from 2017, when user Shrigga defined his own name as “A short lil nigga.”

Spread of the meme

The term started to take off a year later, when posts of black Shrek started to swarm social media sites, especially platforms related to memes.

Reddit, Facebook, Instagram as well as 9GAG all has their own examples of users posting images of a blackified Shrek.

Someone went even further and created another expression from “shrigga.”

Namely, Urban Dictionary user ObeseBusDriver uploaded a definition on “shrigga schlong” in 2019, which refers to the large, black reproductive organ of the ogre with African heritage.


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