Shits and giggles

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What does Shits and giggles mean?

Doing something just for shits and giggles means that you said or did something simply for the fun of it.

It’s usually amusing and simple, small gestures that you do randomly, with no real purpose, apart from the entertainment. The entertainment itself is more often than not the reaction you get from others.

For example, you swapped the salt and the sugar in the kitchen, resulting in someone elses morning coffee being very salty. Someone asks you why you did it, to which you respond: “Just for shits and giggles!”

It is synonymous to the expression “for the hell of it!”

Origin of the term

Where does Shits and giggles come from?

The expression is actually a vulgarized version of the preceding “kicks-and-giggles”.

The latter version took off after WWII, around the 50’s, “kicks” referring to the energy kick you get from doing something fun, and giggles, or grins, being the reaction to it.

“Shits and giggles”, the vulgar version, only took off around the 90’s, likely spiked thanks to Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, a comedy film released in 1997.

Spread of the term

How did Shits and giggles spread?

This funny and catchy phrase is seen time and again in movies and other media, particularly on online social media platforms.

On Facebook you can find a public page with the exact same name, used to share funny memes and pictures. It has over 60K likes, and close to just as many followers.

A similar page, with the same name, can be found on image-sharing platform Pinterest.

It is also often used as an excuse to post silly/dumb/awkward posts online, to point out that it is just for the fun of it, so that people don’t take it too seriously.

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