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What does Shit test mean?

A “shit test” are small remarks or questions with a hidden agenda behind them that usually deviates from the actual question.

People will ask a question, but they are not directly interested in the answer, but rather, how you answer it. It is advisable to really think through how you answer these questions.

The shit tests are usually asked by women, to possible future partners. The questions aim is to tell them something about the other person, without directly asking you. She is testing you.

An example is “do you think my sister is pretty?”. You would really have to think through your answer, because saying yes would indicate that you are attracted to her, while saying no would mean that you think her sister is ugly.

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Origin of the term

In the beginning of the modern days pick-up artists, the term was quoted in Neil Strauss’ “The Game: Undercover in the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists”, a non-fiction guide book for men, on how to flirt with and pick up women.

Spread of the term

While most women don’t purposely shit test men, a majority of women ask shit test questions, to discreetly determine whether the man is a possible sexual partner or not.

The internet is full of “shit test” warning and guidelines, advice on how to respond correctly to a shit test and so on. Multiple books are written on the topic, and it is often referred to in pick-up guidebooks.


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