Shit on a Shingle

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What does Shit on a Shingle mean?

Shit on a shingle, or abbreviated “S.O.S.” is the commonly encountered slang expression for chipped beef on toast, a well-known dish for those in service.

The same meal may also be referred to in several alternate ways; some of those are “Stew On a Shingle”, “Save Our Stomachs” as well as “Same Old Stuff”, all sharing the same acronym.

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Origin of the term

The origin of the term is unknown, but shingle was noted to be used to refer to toast already in 1935 and shit for the chipped beef probably followed soon after.

The expression was already in widespread use in World War 2 military slang and has lived on ever since in the soldier lingo, with America’s glorious wars introducing the strong and capable to the honors of the battlegrounds in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Spread of the term

The term had spread further with war books like “Band of Brothers” and “Chipped beef on toast (S.O.S)” mentioning it.

The first Urban Dictionary entry of the phrase was added in 2003, with several others added since then, to illuminate the masses’ minds of this lovely name for a lovely dish.

It is still mostly absent in civil use, but with World War 3 approaching, the drafted bois will surely indulge into this fine meal and expression.


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