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What does Shibby mean?

Shibby is the rad way of saying rad, the cool way of saying cool. It is the most expressive and funky way of rejoicing at something.

It is also multipurpose; can be a noun, an adjective or just a simple explanation, to give way to your excitement in groovy situations, like when you find a kaleidoscope in your freshly tailored Adidas suit.

Shibbyis basically capable of replacing any word, that conveys positive meaning, although its use is mostly fitting the coolest of situations, like when Cristie Boner lets you touch her tits.

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Origin of the term

The term is coming from the iconic movie Dude, Where’s My Car?

It probably heard in the first scene already, as it is the catchphrase of the two protagonists, Chester and Jesse (played by Sean William Scott and Ashton Kutcher).

The movie aired in 2000 and “Shibby just burst into the English dictionary, boosting its groovyness over 9000.

Spread of the term

The expression had somewhat faded in the twenty years, that had passed since the debut of the film, it is still more than adequate for use.

Its prevalence was a lot greater in the 2000’s, partially thanks to online dictionaries like Urban Dictionary, that has a literal plethora of entries related to “Shibby the first one emerging in 2001.

Though in the 2010’s “Shibby had fallen out of favor, it is just the right time for it to reemerge in the 2020’s.

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