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What does Shadilay mean?

Shadilay is and will always be the dankest Italian song ever produced on this planet. It was made by the Band P.E.P.E. – that shares its name with our lord and savior, Pepe the frog.

The artwork is also special to this single, because it depicts a frog, holding up a magic wand, much like our savior, holding his left hand up, blessing all with the power of KEK.

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Origin of the term

The single was published by the music label Magic Sound in 1986. The band, P.E.P.E. had to wait 30 years until they have gained their recognition, when Shadilay was posted in the /pol thread of 4chan.

The similarity between Pepe the frog and Shadilay’s cover art, as well as the band’s name let many to the realization that Meme Magic is real, alive and better than ever.

Spread of the term

Days after it was posted on 4chan, remixes rapidly started surfacing on YouTube, as well as on SoundCloud. A few weeks into its rediscovery, a definition was written about the song on Urban Dictionary as well.

Shadilay has become something of an anthem for those, believing in the benevolent spirit of Pepe the frog and God Emperor Trump.


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