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What does Schediaphilia mean?

Schediaphilia is an ever growing phenomenon in our running world.

It is the sexual or romantic attraction to drawn cartoon characters.

This condition is a form of “fictiophilia” that is an attraction to fictional characters, human or animated.

An alternate name for the titular condition is called “toonophilia.”

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Origin of the term

The term is comprised of two Greek words; schedia, meaning plan or design and -philia, meaning love.

While this condition had been defined and noted earlier in history, its cases grew with the amount of mediums available for people, to delve into fictional worlds and make bonds with fictional characters.

Spread of the term

With the era of the internet, sexual content of fictional characters is at an all-time high, thanks to the fabled rule 34.

We also live in the golden age of hentai porn, that further pushes people to form and live their attraction to fictional characters, instead of living, breathing humans.

The first article on the subject was uploaded to Urban Dictionary in 2007.

“Schediaphilia” is something that had walked with humanity on its path, ever since our species had invented fiction and it will probably follow us on our way until the end.


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