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What does S-Cute mean?

S-Cute refers to something that is really cute, or S(o) Cute.

It may be utilized for an animal, a painting, or a girl.

In the case of google, if you search for S-Cute, you’ll find a massive amount of porn, with petite Asian chicks.

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Origin of the term

The first Urban Dictionary on s-cute was added in 2007, defining it as the combination of the words “sweet” and “cute”, resulting in the portmanteau; scute.

Spread of the term

While I’ve never encountered s-cute, before attempting to write an article about it, the amount of porn I’ve seen, applying the keyword made me sure, that it is a term, widely famous and utilized on the web, possibly by people who are feeling some serious love for petite Asians.

I may even discover a slight link between lolis and girls labeled “s-cute” as I’ve seen enough shit, to know; web weebs often hunger for that tight, fresh underage meat… same as some people prefer to eat the apple sour and green as opposed to ripe and red.

Further information/sources

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