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What does the meme RNGesus mean?

RNGesus comes from the combination of the acronym RNG, that stands for Random Number Generator and the biblical name; Jesus.

RNGesus is referred to as the gamer deity of chance, luck and random events, and his name is praised or scolded in situations, when something very unexpected and unlikely happens to a player.


Search Interest

Origin of the meme

It is unclear, who came up with the term in the first place, though it was already observable in several gaming communities, including MMO-Champion in 2009.

The word’s Google search interest first spiked in 2009, and it really started to grow after 2012.

Spread of the meme

The first Urban Dictionary entry on the subject was written in 2014, describing the term as the name of the deity, that rules over the volatile realm of luck.

In the years following, several content has been uploaded to the internet, revolving around RNGesus.”

Photoshop edits of Jesus depictions, as well as memes and YouTube content are all among the search results, once we search for the term on Google.

It had turned into a running joke among gamers to pray to and revere the deity, in hopes of gaining advantage in competitive gaming sessions.


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