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What does Raceplay mean?

Raceplay is an avant-garde sexual activity.

It features a type of sexual role play where both consenting adults, normally from different ethnicities, refrain from all social and political correctness and allow racist slurs, derogatory terms and insults to give way for sexual pleasure.

Most participants keep Raceplay strictly sexual and do not support racism under any other circumstances.

Especially verbal political correctness is diminished, so that the “N-word” and other normally unacceptable terms are allowed in the name of pleasure.

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Origin of the term

A portmanteau of the two words “race” referring to a person’s ethnic physical features (skin colour etc.) and “role-play”, a common sexual activity where people will act like they are someone/something they are not.

Spread of the term

The activity is understandably very taboo, but has gained some more acceptance in the last few years, acknowledging that all participants consent to it.

A subreddit r/raceplay is dedicated entirely for adults who are interested in Raceplay.

Numbers of porn sites feature videos involving Raceplay, but as people will still negatively react to racial slurs and insults, they are not very common.


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