Puta madre

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What does Puta madre mean?

Puta madre is a Spanish cursing phrase, directly translated into “whore mother”.

The profanity has a wide range of use.

It can be an insult to an other person, claiming that their beloved mother is a prostitute.

It can be a curse word if you break something, if you fall or injure yourself.

Or, it can be a reaction to excitement, happiness, or a great surprise, like if you won the lottery.

It’s usage is similar to the english profanity “fuck”;

  • insult: “fuck you!”
  • curse: “fuck!”
  • won the lottery: “fuck yeah!”

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Origin of the term

Puta in Spanish or many latin languages means “prostitute”, “whore” or “bitch”.

Madre means “mother”.

The phrase is used in numerous ways, but sometimes it depends on which Spanish speaking country or area uses it.

In the North of Spain it is normally associated with something good, associated with something awesome happening.

The Peruvian version, however, usually has a negative association with the term.

Spread of the term

Even though it stems from the Spanish language, many English and other language speaking people will use the profanity, at is a catching phrase.

Most languages even have similar profanities.

When learning Spanish, especially in a non-professional situation, this is likely the first profanity you will learn.

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