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What does Punani mean?

Punani is yet another slang term for the sacred reproductive organ for women; the vagina.

The term may be used to directly refer to the female genitalia, but it has more elaborate comprehensions as well.

Punani may refer to a sexually open and receptive woman, as well as to the sexual intercourse itself, between a man and woman.

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Origin of the term

There are several possible paths, on which we may trace back the origin of the term.

One possible idea is that punani was adopted from Jamaican creole’s “punaany” which derived from the English word “poon” which came from the French “putain”.

Another possible explanation for the word may come from the Hawaiian word for beautiful flower; “puanani”.

The term had been part of the English dictionary since the mid 1800’s.

Spread of the term

Since its adoption into the English language, the term had become largely embedded, appearing in all aspects of life; from spoken word, to even rap songs, punani is widely recognized, due to the fact, that it resembles the other English word for the vagina; “pussy”.

The term also appears in the 2002 film, Ali G.

Urban Dictionary had added the term to their archives in 2001, with tons of other definitions written since then.


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