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What does Protogen mean?

Protogen is a half-robotic, futuristic furry species.

A protogen still looks like an animal, but it’s face and certain other body parts are drawn in a robotic style. It is a combination of a cyborg, a human and an animal.

There are specific rules to how to draw a protogen. They cannot look too much like a dinosaur (as they would look more like the species “primagen”), they also MUST have biological ears, and must be bipedal.

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Origin of the term

Protogens origin from furries.

Furries are humanoid animals. They stand on their hind legs, speak and behave like a human, but has the physical appearance of an animal. Their appearance is often inspired by cats, dogs, foxes and rabbits.

They are sometimes represented sexually, and even their genitalia has detailed rules for how an artist must draw them.

Spread of the term

Protogens and furries overall are generally aimed at especially interested furry-enthusiasts.

The Protogen drawings can be found as art, comics, memes and even porn. Along with other furry species, some cosplayers like to wear them as costume to cosplay events such as the Comicon.


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