Prone bone

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What does Prone bone mean?

Prone bone refers to a sex position, in which the woman is lying face down, with her ass slightly raised to facilitate insertion.

The man then impales the lying half with his penis. Prone bone is a position that gives extra satisfaction to the male, because the female is capable of flexing the right muscles. This may lead to an early nut though…

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Origin of the term

The stance was probably invented by the woman, who was too lazy to be on all fours during doggy style, so she lay down.

The most similar position in Kama Sutra to this one is Snowdrop, in which the female is also lying face down. Prone bone is first mentioned on Urban Dictionary in 2007, then in 2009.

Spread of the term

With the dawn of internet porn, prone bone has made a big entry into the commonly known sex positions. Its big pleasure factor makes it a popular posture amongst men.


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