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What does the emote PpOverheat mean?

PpOverheat is a BTTV extension emote on the streaming platform Twitch TV, depicting an 8bit glans penis with tiny eyes jumping back and forth rapidly.

Users spam it in intense situations such as surreally fast songs or in relation to some excellent quality porn, that would make one’s peepee overheat.

The emote is especially actual in early December, when the No Nut November had just ended and the participants are ready to let out a massive amount of steam.


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Origin of the emote

The little 8bit creature was added to the vast array of emotes on BTTV in 2018, by user uhavebadpc.

The emote is part of over 12000 sets as of 2020 and it is still growing, as there is just too much of a user base that can relate to it.

Spread of the emote

Beside the regular sighting on the streaming site Twitch, PpOverheat could be seen on Reddit quite often, usually when people are posting some music with mind bogglingly fast bpms.

It can also be seen in the comment section of some extra quality porn, where the users can’t help but add some dankness to the already outstanding content.

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