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What does Pogonophobia mean?

Pogonophobia is an intense and irrational fear of beards and bearded people.

The symptoms of the condition may include heavy breathing, rapid heartbeat, sweating, trembling and even a possible panic attack.

“Pogonophobia” can be rather debilitating, as the people suffering from it are constantly at risk of being triggered at any given time.

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Origin of the term

“Pogonophobia” was first documented in 1851, when David Smith described Baden Jesuits suffering from a “veritable ‘pogonophobia’ at the sight of a democratic chin.”

The term is constructed by the Greek words pogon, meaning beard, and –phobia, meaning fear.

During the last centuries, western culture had been rather “pogonophobic” as public figures and public servants were required to have clean shave and would often risk of losing their positions because of a beard.

The condition may develop due to childhood trauma with a bearded person, or associating beards with uncleanliness and disease.

Spread of the term

“Pogonophobia” is a rather rare disorder, however there is no specific cure for it.

Patients may seek therapeutic help and may be prescribed anti-anxiety medication to ease on the negative effects of the condition.

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