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What does the meme Please Say Sike mean?

What you say when someone tells you something bizarre, insane, and completely atrocious and you are wishing in the deepest depth of your soul that they are just cracking a fucked up joke.

“Sike” is a slang used after you are messing with someone, for example, “I made out with your sister last night!” and while you see the shock on the other guys face grow, you yell “SIKE!”.

Hence, you would say “Please Say Sike” after someone tells you something you really hope is not true.

Please say sike

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Origin of the meme

“Please Say Sike” is a variation of the original meme with the text “say sike right now”, written on an image of the blue piranha plant in Super Mario. It was shared on Twitter early 2019.

If the person doesn’t say “Sike” right afterwards, you will beg them; “Please Say Sike” – creating a whole new variety of memes.

Spread of the meme

The most used meme/gif format is an image of Eric from The Eric Andre show when he gets upset by Eric Balfour. “Please Say Sike” is written on the bottom of the gif/meme.

Numerous similar gifs and memes circles the internet, always featuring a clearly upset person or character and the phrase.

The reaction memes and gifs are commented on social media platforms if someone shares something bizarre.


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