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What does Phonophobia mean?

Phonophobia, also called acousticophobia, or ligyrophobia, is a psychological and neurological disorder in which the patient is suffering from an intense fear or aversion to loud sounds or possibly even their very own voice.

The condition is very rare and is often the result of hyperacusis, which is a hearing disability, mainly defined by a higher sensitivity to certain frequencies.

“Phonophobia” may be an indicator to a hypersensitivity to sounds and thus be part of a diagnosis for migraine.

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Origin of the term

“Phonophobia” was first coined during the 1920’s and is comprised of the Greek words phone, meaning voice or sound and –phobia, meaning fear from something.

The condition was determined to be an extreme form of misophonia, which is a hatred of sounds due to emotional triggers.

Spread of the term

With the era of the internet, lots of content were created and published on the subject, as an increasing number of people are searching for answers on the web.

Though “phonophobia” in itself is already quite a nuisance, it usually walks hand in hand with other disorders or conditions that further amplify the phobia.


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