Pepe the Frog

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What does the emote Pepe the Frog mean?

Pepe the Frog was created as a human-like, cartoon character resembling a frog, by artist Matt Furie as part of his series of comics, called “Boy’s Club”.

Created with no intention, to what it is used for today, the character has been featured in many forms, since getting popular on the internet, most importantly the famous “Feels Good Man” meme, which was later transformed into a unique emote on the streaming website, used to express comfort.

Pepe the Frog has spawned lots of emotes which are as following:

Happy Pepe

Search Interest

Origin of the emote

Pepe the Frog portrays a teenage character which was created in 2005, by artist Matt Furie for his comic series called “Boy’s Club”.

However, the character became famous in 2008, after the character was featured in the most recent volume as pulling his pants down, all the way to his ankles to pee.

This was taken out of context by users of the image board called 4chan, where it was featured on one of its sub boards called /b/ (random), with the caption “Feels Good Man”.

Spread of the emote

As of 09/12/2019, Pepe the Frog can be found on all mayor and minor image boards, like 9gag, Tumblr and messaging boards like 4chan and Reddit but most importantly on the streaming website as a daily driver for reaction images and unique emotes like:


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