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What does the emote PeepoSad mean?

PeepoSad is yet another Pepe the Frog emote on Twitch TV.

Pepe on this one is seen with a desperately grievous face, with tears dripping from his emerald cheeks.

Similar to its joyful counterpart, PeepoSad is looking a lot like a contraband version of the original meme amphibian.

The emote is utilized for translating feelings of serious sorrow.


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Origin of the emote

PeepoSad had been added to the wide array of emotes over on the Twitch TV extension; FrankerFaceZ by the user NcInat in January of 2018, shortly after the addition of the other Peepo emote, PeepoHappy.

Spread of the emote

While it has been still endorsed by quite an amount of people, its popularity is not as high, as PeepoHappy’s, with its use in some 13000 sets.

PeepoSad has sadly been adopted in about 9000 sets, as of 2020, but the number of course is still growing, mainly because of the reason, that Peepo is a popular alternative to the already well known Pepe emotes.

PeepoSad had even gotten its own little variety, called WidePeepoSad… though it may sound like “Wypiposad” it doesn’t depict Caucasians in the midst of their sorrows, rather the same emote, this article is about, just stretched wide.

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