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What does Pangender mean?

A person who is pangender has an infinite multigender identity.

They are not only non-binary; they experience such a broad spectrum of genders that it is nearly impossible to explain them all.

The number of genders a “pangender” experiences has no maximum limit, and they can either all be simultaneously, or vary over time.

It is a very broad and unspecific term, and for many who are “pangender”, it is impossible to list all the gender identities they feel, as some of them aren’t even defined yet.

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Origin of the term

Made up of the Greek prefix “pan-” which means “everything” or “all”, and gender, hence, the term means “all genders”.

Compared to many other LGBTQ gender identity terms, “pangender” has been around quite long, and evidence dates it back to the 80’s.

Spread of the term

Around the 90’s, the term could be found on the internet, particularly in LGBTQ friendly Usenet posts.

In 2006, user Fushichou defined the term on Urban Dictionary, but it really became known in the 2010’s, when non-binary genders and non-heteronormative orientations really came to light.

It’s pride flags were proposed by Cari Rez Lobo in 2015, and are made up of the colours yellow, orange, pink and white.


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