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What does Pajeet mean?

Pajeet, originally a common Indian male name, has developed into a racial slur for people from India.

The slang name refers to a very stereotypical, Indian man.

He eats so much curry that he has started to smell like it, he is hairy and has a very dark complexion, he worships cows and he poops in the street.

Soon after the name turned into a derogatory slur, people took it further and created corresponding memes.

The memes show hand-drawn depictions of an Indian person, often featuring a bindi or a turban, and “pajeet” is placed in situations where he has to adjust to other – often Western – cultures, to which he is completely oblivious.

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Origin of the term

It is unclear exactly when “pajeet” went from a standard name and turned into a slur, but the first sightings were definitely on 4chan in the early 2010’s.

When posting or commenting on 4chan, all users are anonymous, however, there is a flag next to your username to show which country you are from. People started responding to users with the Indian flag as “pajeet”.

Spread of the term

“Pajeet” was used to create drawn rage comics, the most popular one being “Pajeet my son”, depicting a conversation between “Pajeet” and his dad regarding where to poop.

It has also become a nickname for Indian men writing Western women on Facebook and Messenger, either asking for marriage or sexual favours.

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