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What does Paizuri mean?

Paizuri is a Japanese word for breast sex, which is also known outside of Japan as titty fuck.

The word paizuri is combination of the words oppai, which means breasts or titties in English and zuri that means sex in Japanese.

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Origin of the term

Paizuri is first became known from Japanese porn anime that made its way to the western audiences in the 1990s which is called “hentai” in Japan.

Hentai is what started the whole paizuri thing outside of Japan and made it to porn site worldwide as an extra tag when you search on the site in the subcategories of fetishes.

Later on the “weeb” culture found out about doujin manga’s which were the ultimate fandom of some of their favourite anime getting a porn adaptation.

This has helped the Japanese porn industry grow in popularity for the audiences outside of their mainland.

Spread of the term

paizuri is a much-used term thanks to the huge popularity of the Japanese culture all around the world and because of the existence of hentai, doujin manga’s, and Japanese porn.

People also have an innate affection towards large breasts, due to our ancestry, hence the term and the kink being so popular on the internet.

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