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What does the meme Obunga mean?

The term “Obunga” refers to a photoshopped image of Barack Obama, the former president of the U.S. – where he resembles a roach like creature from the Japanese manga “Terra Formars”.

This image is described as a cursed image, which is frequently displayed with the music from a horror game called “Five Nights at Freddy’s” and is usually posted in “creepypasta” or cursed image threads on 4chan.org or Reddit.


Search Interest

Origin of the meme

The original “Obunga” pictures first appeared on the messaging board website 4chan.org in mid-2013 on its subpage, the /tv/ board, but the exact origin of the photoshopped picture is still unknown, as there is no data on who created/uploaded it the first time and when.

Spread of the meme

“Obunga” after its first appearance on the /tv/ board of 4chan.org, it found its way to the /v/ board, where users of the site share video game related content and discussions.

From here on, it has made its way to YouTube, as people created stories around it and included the image in videos.

Its peak popularity was, when YouTuber PewDiePie has featured the meme in one of his videos.

Since PewDiePie has over a 100 million subscribers on the platform, people tend to say, if a meme is featured on one of his “meme review” videos, it will reach its peak in popularity, but then soon after it will probably die.


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