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What does N’wah mean?

N’wah is a slang term, adopted by the English language from the 2002 Elder Scrolls title; Morrowind.

The word is used by fans of the series and is said to mean something related to foreigner, in a pejorative sense.

It is an insult you are most likely to encounter while playing some Elder Scrolls game.

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Origin of the term

“N’wah” first appeared in 2002’s best Roleplaying Game; Morrowind.

The game received excellent reviews from critics and players alike and had quickly turned into a classic of the decade.

This of course led to an explosion in the fanbase of Elder Scrolls games, who eagerly adopted expressions and phrases from the game, including n’wah.

Spread of the term

Urban Dictionary also seemed inviting for the fans of Morrowind to spread their insult of preference on the web, so definitions date back on n’wah to 2003.

The meme communities of the internet also took interest in the insult and several photo edits and YouTube content revolves around the insult.


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