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What does Nigward mean?

“Nigward” is a black version of Squidward from the popular cartoon series “Spongebob Squarepants”.

Squidward is a humanized squid, originally with light turquoise skin colour, while “Nigward” is black. The name is derived from his name “Squidward” and the very offensive, racist slur “Nigger” put together.

In the series, Squidward’s personality is very grumpy, depressed and short-tempered.

Because of this, “Nigward” can also be a term used about someone who is easily annoyed and grumpy, and resembles the famous cartoon characters personality.

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Origin of the term

The images are part of a low-quality video featuring original and black Squidward, with sounds and music from “COD: Zombies” in the background.

The first such video posted was on Youtube, in December, 2017. It starts with the original image of Squidward, then suddenly changes over to the black version; “Nigward”, at the same time as the background music changes.

Spread of the term

The original video quickly gained over 20 000 views, and multiples of the same or similar videos was uploaded soon after.

Other versions include “Japward”, a japanese version, featuring Squidward with squinted eyes, “Jewward”, supposed to resemble a Jewish Squidward, and numerous other variations.

Since the first video, there are also multiple variations of the original “Nigward”, found as images or memes on several social media sites.


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