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What does Nibba mean?

Nibba is a way of typing the notorious racial slur, nigga without triggering our black friends who may see it.

Nonetheless, this variant is also considered as offensive.

In most cases, the word is typed with the red block “B” emoji, a phenomenon often associated with the American street gang, Bloods.

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Origin of the term

The term itself, of course originates from the century old racial slur that was used to disrespect black people, who have reclaimed and adopted it into their own dictionary and slang.

The expression in this form comes from YouTube content creator, Swolotag.

He uploaded a video to the social media site in 2016, which led to the spread of the term all over the internet.

Spread of the term

Nibba got instant recognition form the meme community all over the web, and it was featured in several memes, written with the red B emoji that is a part of this meme format.

It had conquered Twitter, Reddit as well as YouTube, not to mention the other social media sources for memes; Facebook groups and Instagram pages.

Urban Dictionary added nibba to their collection in 2016, with lot and lots of other entries written about the matter since then.

Further information/sources

  • Urban Dictionary – Nibba
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