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What does NAWALT mean?

NAWALT is the acronym of the sentence “Not All Women Are Like That” used especially by women who are indeed like that, but they are trying to clean their names in your eyes to later abuse and manipulate you.

NAWALT is rarely heard from the mouth of a sensible man… at least in a serious manner.

Since its creation, it had turned into a trope, embraced by “manosphere” and “incel” users of the internet.

Origin of the term

Where does NAWALT come from?

It is hard to determine the origin of the acronym, as there are barely any leads that could take one back to the birth of the term.

The first Urban Dictionary I had found originates from 2011, but several sites and online dictionaries had caught wind of the expression in the second half of the 2010’s, which leads me to the assumption, that the phrase is not that old.

Spread of the term

How did NAWALT spread?

Memes and jokes had been created of the NAWALT phenomenon since then, with even a series being in the making, where the main female character is called “Nawalt”.

The series, named after the woman is said to debut in August, 2020.

Until then, we may find the expression in various message boards and forums, especially with incel users around.


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