Nani the fuck?

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What does the meme Nani the fuck? mean?

“Nani the fuck?” is a synonym to “what the fuck?”, with a japanese anime twist.

It started out as a copypasta – a piece of text that is copied and pasted repeatedly by different people.

The “Nani the fuck?” copypasta involves a longer text where a japanese anime character dramatically rants and insults another character.

The text is made up of a mix of English and Japanese words.

Nani the fuck

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Origin of the meme

It’s origin is the Navy Seal copypasta, also known as “internet tough guy” copypasta, but the main words are replaced with japanese.

This version of the copypasta was first posted by an anonymous user on the meme and social media platform “4chan” in January 2013.

Consequently, rather than copying and pasting the whole text, users of 4chan and other social platforms started using just the beginning of the text “Nani the fuck?” as a reaction phrase, similar to “what the fuck?” or “what the hell?”.

Spread of the meme

From its start on 4chan, the copypasta made its way onto other pop culture social media platforms, such as the subreddit /weabootales.

A video involving an anime character saying the exact text with the typical squeaky anime voice became famous on YouTube in 2017.

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