N Word Pass

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What does N Word Pass mean?

The N word pass is the greatest honor, an African American person can bestow to someone, who’s not of African heritage.

It allows the use of the widely controversial racial slur and the most used word in the rap scene; Nigga.

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Origin of the term

The use of the N word had been one of controversy, due to the history of slavery in America.

The concept of the N Word Pass rose, as the N word privilege became a more and more prominent topic in pop culture, due to the rise in popularity of the hip hop genre.

The first online case of the N Word Pass appeared in a listicle in 2012, when they published a list of “Top 4 White People That Get The ‘N-Word’ Pass” which was shared on the hip hop news site Hot97.

Spread of the term

The phenomenon had entered the catalogue of Urban Dictionary in 2018, where it was defined as a permit for white people, to use the N word once.

In the same year, a video was shared on YouTube, with the title “The Penguins of Madagascar: Operation N-W.O.R.D.”

In it, the famous penguins are receiving a permit for the use of the slur, by Barack Obama.

In 2019, an image had been uploaded to Reddit’s /r/PewDiePieSubmissions thread, which depicts Obama giving out the N Word Pass on a fancy looking document, with a signature.


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